The first Tiny Forest in Poland

The first Miyawaki forest will be created as early as October in Rozwarowo, Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship.

The Perspektywa Foundation from Rozwarowo is carrying out a project supported by funds from the European Union and the provincial budget.

We will plant the first such forest in Poland!

As we have a larger area than the smallest required, we will plant 4500 native tree and shrub species on 1500 square metres.

We invite you to plant with us! On 23-24. and 30-31. October in Rozwarowo!

Join us!

Our project supervisors are Stefan Scharfe and Lukas Steingässer from in Eberswalde. We are grateful for their help and advice.

Each participant receives a certificate and will be mentioned at a specific place in our forest. During the forest planting weekends we are accompanied by an educational tent of the Rokita Forest District and a forest menu prepared by Anielskie Torty – Agnieszka Kobielska.

The patron of the project is the Rokita Forestry Inspectorate, also cooperating with us, among others: Kamieński Dom Kultury, Society for the Coast, Lovelasy.

The municipality of Kamień Pomorski will be the first in Poland where a forest of diversity, planted according to the Miyawaki method, will grow even ten times faster than an ordinary forest, and next to it a Treeducation Centre – centre of ecological education.

See you in Rozwarowo, let’s meet near the forest!

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